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​​AWS have been designed to work together in order to support sophisticated and scalable applications.  AWS offers access to private servers, dedicated network connections, a content delivery network, low-cost storage options, low-latency databases and more. Together, these remote computing services make up a cloud computing platform.

On The Cloud
Cloud computing provides an easy way to access information and applications over the internet.  AWS maintains the network required for this, so that you can access whatever you need via web applications. Working on a cloud provides a simple way to access flexible and low cost IT resources, and additional benefits including:

  • No large, upfront investment (transferring CapEx to OpEx)
  • Pay per use model
  • High economies of scale at low cost
  • On-demand IT resources


Many organizations have already joined the Amazon Web Service community and have used AWS solutions to help build and run their business.  Are you ready to save time and money by switching to the Cloud with AWS?  Call PARAMOUNT SECURITY and we will help you get started today!

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