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Helping You Identify Your Network Vulnerabilities

You are the last line of defense. Responsibility for protecting your organization’s systems architecture, network, and infrastructure lies squarely upon your shoulders.

To protect your department and satisfy your management’s growing need for cyber security responsibility, choose PARAMOUNT SECURITY.  We will manage your security assessments and be your strategic partner in helping navigate through your compliance requirements.  

Cyber Security Assessment Services: The Case For Third Party Involvement

Hiring a third party expert can help protect you, your executive team, and ultimately your organization in the event of a breach from either internal or external sources.  PARAMOUNT SECURITY has the cyber counterintelligence pedigree to offer the protection you need.

Our goal is to help you maximize security and efficiency in a true team environment with complete cooperation.  By employing a “third set of eyes,” you can get fresh perspectives to help you improve your operation.  It’s just smart business.

Cyber Security Assessment Services: Mitigating Threats
Sophisticated and persistent threats to your IT infrastructure and your critical assets continue to grow at exponential rates.  This requires the need for in-depth assessments utilizing cutting-edge cyber security tools and tactics.

PARAMOUNT SECURITY'S assessment services provide you with a comprehensive reporting mechanism identifying and detailing the following:

  • Pre-audit assessments to ensure compliance to industry, government and regulatory standards
  • Possible unknown breaches and malware detection
  • Pre-existing vulnerabilities within your organization
  • Security design gaps
  • Potential threats, both internal and external
  • Operational security control concerns and vulnerabilities
  • Custom assessments based upon your industry and organizational needs 

Cyber Security Goals: Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability. Safety. Reliability. Efficiency.
Core methodologies in your organization may change depending on it's scope, but the essential purpose of your assessment will remain consistent.  PARAMOUNT SECURITY will provide you with detailed findings presented in actionable terms.  We not only identify pre-existing issues, but avert possible problems that could develop in the future.

Finding And Fixing Your Weaknesses Before A Breach Can Occur

Penetration testing is the science of ethically hacking your own system.  PARAMOUNT SECURITY'S Certified Ethical Hackers will attempt to breach and exploit your system’s defenses externally and/or internally.

When you engage PARAMOUNT SECURITY to attempt to breach your system or network, we will work to exploit your system’s vulnerabilities.  Our goal is to determine whether unauthorized access or other forms of malicious activity have the potential to occur.

Penetration Testing: Automated And Manual Penetration Testing
By running an array of both automated scanning and manual hacking tools, our operatives will utilize the same methodologies for hacking systems that even the most sophisticated hacker would employ.  In so doing, we can discover security vulnerabilities or gaps in your infrastructure that could be conducive to a breach.

We employ rigorous manual testing, using both business and criminal logic, in an attempt to find weaknesses that would allow a point of entry to an adversary.  Our toolset encompasses both commercial and open source tools to allow for a thorough and all-encompassing assessment.

Penetration Testing: Methodology And Results
PARAMOUNT SECURITY runs the necessary tests to expose all vulnerabilities, unauthorized access points, and network weaknesses.  We provide you with a final report, detailing all targeted areas which make you vulnerable to attack.

Once corrective actions have taken place, PARAMOUNT SECURITY will conduct a follow-up penetration test to ensure your new security measures properly mitigate your previously identified risks.  We are dedicated to protect your organizations critical assets, which ensures the continued success of your business and maintains your competitive advantage!

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