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Keep your Competitive Advantage

Cyber security is widely considered to be a cost of doing business for a good reason.  Data breaches can devastate both a company’s reputation as well as its bottom line.

Risk isn’t always about the potential for loss.  It also can create the potential for opportunity.  For companies that know how to keep their customer data safe and protect their networks, cyber security can serve as a business enabler.

Business Case

The business case for using PARAMOUNT SECURITY varies by situation, but reasons often include one or more of the following:

  • Lower costs (due to economies of scale and lower labor rates)
  • On-demand pricing (efficient use of resources- no waste!)
  • The ability to focus on core competencies
  • Lack of in-house resources
  • Getting work done more efficiently and effectively
  • Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
  • Tighter control of budget through reliable costs
  • Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure 
  • Access to innovation and thought leadership
  • US Persons and clearance for DOD resource requirements
  • Cost savings of 15 percent or more are common when you compare outsourced IT services to the costs of maintaining them in-house, reported by CIO Magazine on That’s hard to argue with, especially in light of the compliance and efficiency benefits mentioned above. 

Let us partner with you or your existing team to supplement your IT and/or cyber security needs!

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Our team of security professionals has the training, experience and know-how to deliver adaptive security solutions that solve the unique challenges of your business and industry.


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With world-class skills and knowledge capital built over 20 years, you can depend on our team of security experts to help improve security posture, facilitate compliance, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency.

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